SOLIDWORKS® leads the global 3D computer-aided design (CAD) industry with easy-to-use 3D software that trains and supports the world's engineering and design teams as they drive tomorrow's product innovation.

Selecting the number of processing cores in your SOLIDWORKS workstation is critical. SOLIDWORKS is a frequency bound application, meaning that it predominantly uses only one core. Since the frequency of that core determines performance more than any other variable, a workstation with less cores (but higher frequency) is ideal. Because of this, BOXX safely overclocks our SOLIDWORKS workstations up to 4.8GHz delivering the fastest, most productive SOLIDWORKS computer on the market.

Suggested Systems


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The APEXX S-class hosts our most popular configurations for CAD design and 3D modeling applications. With support for three professional GPUs and the world's fastest processors, APEXX S3 is the ideal platform to accelerate your creative workflow.

Delivering rock-solid performance for a variety of content creation tools, APEXX T3 features an AMD 16-core Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processor. The APEXX T3 family is a versatile platform for demanding 3D content creation workflows. In addition to the blazing fast CPU, the T3 offers ample memory, up to three professional GPUs, and plenty of hard drives.

Whether you’re editing feature films or deploying cutting edge VR experiences, the APEXX X3, with support for up to two* graphics cards and 128GB of memory, is an ideal platform for extreme multi-tasking in your complex production pipeline.


Suggested Systems


Compute tasks like rendering and simulation are multi-threaded (meaning they commonly utilize multiple cores simultaneously). Therefore, if you incorporate these tasks into your Solid Edge workflow, a workstation with more cores can provide better performance by reducing compute time.

There are certain downsides to using a workstation for regular rendering or simulation, chief among them, the fact that you transform your Solid Edge workstation into a "wait station". Paying engineers to sit and watch these tasks complete is not good business practice. A better approach is to offload rendering and simulation to a dedicated compute device. For options, see below.


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