Image module

Highly specialised monitor solutions

for the creative professional

Professional photographers and image makers all over the world have been using EIZO monitors for years. 4k Definition, High Definition and HDR - all the technology you need to really see the detail in your work. That technology improves your ability to create accurate living, breathing colour.
Image module

Professional – High Definition

Express your boundless creativity with a spacious screen and optimal colour reproduction. This spacious 27-inch monitor gives your creative passion the room to flourish in professional photography, design, print, and post production. It features a built-in self calibration sensor for hassle-free monitor maintenance, vivid colours reproduced to industry standards, and exceptionally high contrast for producing true blacks.
  • Billions of colours
  • EIZO's 4K monitors ensure extraordinary colour accuracy
  • A wider gamut meaning vivid colour on screen and fewer suprises in print
  • Amazing deep and true blacks