Fast-track your creativity with a BOXX Media & Entertainment workstation, purpose-built for animation, visual effects, streaming, editing, and broadcasting software to create outstanding results. This BOXX of tricks is built for your industry software, giving you the tools to accelerate your creativity. Realise visually stunning work that will be delivered by the release date or live production.

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Media & Entertainment

BOXX Media & Entertainment Workstation

Originally created to service the media and entertainment industry, BOXX has grown to serve many creative industries. Our continued commitment to animation, visual effects, film editing, and broadcast remains and is evident in our M&E purpose-built hardware – working synchronically with all your professional software applications. From Adobe, VRay and DaVinci Resolve, to Maya, 3ds Max, and C4D, BOXX APEXX media workstations, video editing workstations and RAXX rack-mounted systems come custom-configured to make sure you can optimise the latest futures in your creative software. From major film and television studios to indie filmmakers, VFX studios and post houses all rely on BOXX, confident in its ability to create, stream and broadcast at peak performance. Boxx clever and give yourself the advantage of hardware that delivers remarkable performance.

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A Hardware Solution purpose-built for your specific workflow.

Supporting over 400 software applications, BOXX can help you realise your potential. Speak to our M&E performance specialists to configure a made-to-measure hardware solution for your specific workflow.

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Creative Cloud


Adobe Creative Cloud has become the industry standard, and with workstations purpose-built from BOXX,  you can create and design at the speed of your imagination. From compositing in Adobe After Effects to editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, and encompassing all in between including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Audition, and more, find out why BOXX optimised workstations and laptops are the perfect partner for Adobe Creative Cloud.


Check out BOXX testimonials and blogs to see and hear first-hand how our Media & Entertainment workstations and rack systems have accelerated workflows and removed bottlenecks. Find out why big names including names like Disney, PIXAR, HBO, FOX, NASA, (and many more) love working with BOXX  and those that have experienced first-hand our legendary tech support.