Get a List of the Best Architectural Software for Early 2019

Architecture, engineering, & construction are nothing without fully realized designs created in our favourite architectural software programs. BOXX systems support tons of architectural software, and you can benefit from our purpose-built rendering solutions as 2019 unfolds with the following software.


AutoDesk AutoCAD has been a go-to for architectural & engineering projects since before the age of the internet and continues to be the standard of architectural CAD software in education and real-life work for professionals. CAD applications are specialized and enable you to work outside of the baseline modelling and drawing functions.

AutoCAD Architecture addresses constructional engineer and architecture needs specifically; it includes pre-built objects for common placements such as walls and windows as well as automation for floor plans, elevations, and sections. Mechanical design tools are purpose-made to help draw piping, plumbing, ducting, and electrical circuitry for everyday construction projects.

AutoCAD Civil 3D takes it a step further with modern-day Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow support. It’s a more versatile tool that aligns with all-digital workflows perfectly in a sleek, contemporary format. Plus, it makes it easy for architects and engineers to see how their work will affect the work of others on the same project.

AutoDesk pours incredible resources into supporting their current and next-gen products, so you can count on frequent useful updates in 2019


Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD 3D architecture software was the first of its kind when it came out, and it continues to provide flexibility in 2D and 3D geometry that fiercely rivals its competitors. Recent design tool improvements, including a remastered Façade Design workflow & smoother 2D navigation, coupled with logical expression functions have created a nearly seamless and automatically updated workflow that keeps your head inside the design space.

Demand for highly creative structures in 2019 will benefit hugely from improved workflows, like ArchiCAD’s, that further enable today’s architects and engineers to safely unleash their creativity.


Revit’s BIM takes environmental and economic impact into every design consideration. Coupled with vast positive changes in design, drafting, and modelling processes, you’ll have a hard time finding more precise and client-friendly software for architecture and engineering.

Revit is much more of a rapidly changing database than it is a CAD program. It’s collaborative, iterative changes that are pushed throughout the entirety of the project, and changes are made simultaneously across all views. Designers can easily show major and minor changes to hands-on clients at any point in any project.

Waste minimalization is part of the ongoing optimization of architectural workflows that will continue in 2019. Revit stands to put itself ahead of the pack by focusing on turnaround time and error detection ahead of its competition.


SketchUp has developed significantly since its first iteration many years ago. Coming into 2019, it’s one of the most intuitive design tools available for architects.

The software, which features an interface designed to make it feel as if you’re building with your own hands, also has incredible flexibility for materials, quickly creates beautiful imagery to share with clients, and integrates with different types of software (including Google Earth) to enhance the customer service side of the architecture & engineering professions.

It will be imperative in the coming year to be able to set the right expectations for clients as design and construction projects get bigger and more involved. SketchUp will give you the edge in customer relations thanks to its built-in client friendliness.

BOXX APEXX workstations are purpose-built to accelerate SketchUp, Revit, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, and other architectural applications, so accelerate your workflow and increase your productivity in 2019 with BOXX..

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