IMG Studios

IMG Studios are at the forefront of broadcast technology with studio facilities available 24/7. Their extremely talented teams work collaboratively to provide a superb production experience for each and every one of their clients, technically sound, on budget and on time. We spoke to Ian Coombs, from IMG Studios to find out his thoughts on BOXX workstations:

Q: What software do you currently use?

IAN: Adobe Creative Cloud, primarily Premiere and Media Encoder.

Q: What was your previous hardware? What problems were you finding with that system?

IAN: We have previously purchased HP Z series workstations for this role but felt the CPU architecture was not optimal for Adobe in terms of bang per buck. These particular clients had been using basic spec iMacs which were very under powered for video encoding.

Q: How has you workflow improved since using BOXX workstations and Rendering machines?

IAN: Video encoding is many times faster than before.

Q: How would you describe BOXX customer service? Why?

IAN: Listened to our requirements and recommended a machine. Good communication throughout the purchasing process.

Q: Will you be buying BOXX in the future?

IAN: Very likely.

Q: Do you have any other comments?

IAN: PCs are well constructed with use of high end components and water cooling . Small form factor for the specification and power.


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