Boxx , Eizo & Enigmacs – A great partnership

Creating World-class, award-winning 3D exhibition stands, shows, events, and museum installations Enigma Creative Solutions need outstanding kit. They need fast rendering, great visuals and outstanding customer support.  Enigmacs has been a Boxx customer for over 5 years, we talked to Enigmacs about their experience working with Boxx and Eizo Monitors.  You can check out the video to see what kit they use and to hear about why they love working with Boxx.

The Boxx systems used by Enigmacs are the Boxx Apexx S3 and the Apexx A3. Their workflow consists of Both CPU and GPU demanding tasks and both the S3 and A3 are very capable machines. Tom Prendergast, Managing Director states that working with Boxx, “revolutionised us as a studio,…. productivity increased.”

3d Designer, Nicki Harvey went as far as to say, “productivity increased 4 fold,” and found that this speed in rendering allows ”you get better work out your team.” With a 4-hour render, down to an hour, Nicki definitely champions Boxx workstations.  She believes that they are definitely worth the outlay since the increase in speed and output means that it will be “quick to recoup the investment.” 3D Designer, Mike Slivkin talked about how they have been able to upgrade the hardware to keep their Boxx workstations at top spec to deal with demanding workflows.

Enigmacs also use Eizos Monitors – Eizo 38” Curved FlexScan EV3895-BK, The ultra-wide panel with an aspect ratio of 21:9 and resolution of 3840 x 1600 (111PPI) over a fantastically large canvas for the creative professional. Removing the need for multiple monitors. 32” Eizo ColorEdge CG319X offer one of the best 32” 4K panels on the market. A professional 4096 x 2160 monitor equipped with HLG and the PQ gamma curve for editing HDR video content, as well as a wide colour gamut for displaying vibrant images.

Mike loves the screens and discovered been able to split the screen “is really good.” Tom found the image felt natural with less strain on the eye. Since so much work is produced on 4K resolution, being able to see a true image on the screen is really helpful. Also mentioned is the colour accuracy, depth of image and detail.

Beyond the kit, Tom praises Boxx’s role in, “ guiding us in terms of creating solutions.”

Working with Boxx (and Ryan), they have found the customer service to be ‘exceptional’. High praise indeed! Tom also points out that although their machines are often working 24/7 and they’ve never had any downtime. Boxx look forward to continuing to push the boundaries with Enigmacs.

Don’t forget to check out the Video to see the full kit that Enigmacs use and hear the full interview, telling why they find working with Boxx such a successful partnership.