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FAQs – Common customers questions for BOXX Tech support…and the answers

If you’re like a lot of folks these days, you’re working from home. But regardless of your work location, you may have questions surrounding the setup and or operation of your BOXX APEXX workstation or GoBOXX laptop. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a quick list of the most common questions posed to us and set about answering them here in order to save you the time of a phone call or email.

Let’s get started.

Question: How do I enable the webcam on my GoBOXX SLM?

ANSWER: By default the camera is disabled.  To enable the webcam use the key combination:  Fn+F6


Webcam Keyboard Shortcut

Question: Why is the WiFi / Bluetooth so slow on my BOXX APEXX workstation?

ANSWER: Please attach the WiFi antennas to the rear of the chassis. These antennas are not attached to the system during shipping.  Antennas for your BOXX workstation can be found in the media kit accessory box.

Question: How do I enter the BIOS on my BOXX system?

ANSWER: The majority of our BOXX systems use the DELETE key to enter the BIOS. Some of our GoBOXX MXL mobile workstations use F2.

Question: How do I access a boot menu?

ANSWER: This will be different for most of our systems:

GoBOXX SLM and ASRock motherboard systems use F11.

Gigabyte motherboards are F12.

ASUS motherboards use F8.

Some MXL models use F7.

If you have any problems with these keys call our support team.



Question: Where can I download a Windows 10 reinstall disk?

ANSWER: Windows 10 installation media is available from the Microsoft website, or you may want to consider Windows 11. From January 2023 Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows 8.1:


Question: Does my APEXX workstation have integrated speakers?

ANSWER: No. Integrated speakers are only available on GoBOXX laptops. APEXX desk side systems must use monitor speakers or standard desktop speakers via the 3.5” stereo mini-jack connection.

Question:  Where can I get drivers?

ANSWER: Drivers are available from either the website s/n lookup tool (which may not work for all systems) or on our FTP site (for which you may need to request the folder location from our Tech Support team).

Website: https://www.boxx.com/support/technical-support#serial-num

FTP is: ftp://ftp.boxxtech.com/systems/

Username: boxxuser

Password: support

Question: Why doesn’t my new APEXX desktop workstation system display video?

ANSWER:  It’s a common first-boot error to connect the monitor to the disabled video outputs on the motherboard, rather than the video outputs on the video card installed in the system.

Image module

Question:  Why does my computer bluescreen?

ANSWER:  Using a wide variety of codes, we start with the event logs and what they were doing when the bluescreen happened.

Question: I bought an overclocked APEXX workstation, but Windows tells me this system is running at normal speed!  Why is this?”

ANSWER: Windows does not report the actual CPU speed. It only reports the base speed for which the processor was initially designed. However, the overclocked speed can be checked using the free Intel Processor Identification Utility. When you run this utility, it will show the “reported” and “base” speeds, with “reported” revealing the actual overclocked speed.

Performance Questions

From time to time, we receive an inquiry where a customer’s particular software application isn’t responding as expected, i.e., objects rotate but there is lag or it takes too long to complete a task. In most instances, this has something to do with drivers, updates, BIOS, or it’s a known bug in their application. A quick Google search on the issue will usually bring up results from software application forums.

We also get a fair number of new BOXX customers who ask, “How do I optimize my system’s performance?”

First of all, BOXX systems are shipped with a “clean” Windows installation. In other words, we don’t load your system with useless bloatware. In fact, the standard BOXX-built system is a rock-solid, stable base on which to load your programs.

Second of all, optimization is dependent upon the software being employed, so we can’t offer a general set of recommendations. BOXXlabs optimizes hardware with overclocking where practical, and we install only enterprise-class components. The software support team for the application being used may have specific suggestions, but because different programs can work quite differently, what improves performance for one program may actually reduce performance for another.

If you didn’t find your question (or answer) among these common inquiries, fear not. When you buy a BOXX product, you have the advantage of U.S.-based, legendary BOXX Technical Support, so call us at 01256 378 044 or email BoxxUK@centerprise.co.uk

We’re ready to get you back to work.