BOXX Overclocking: Fixing the Lottery


You may already know this, but in the PC enthusiast world, there is something known as “the silicon lottery.” This refers to the variable nature of overclocking Intel’s K-chip processors. Due to slight variations in the manufacturing process, there’s no guarantee that, for example, all 7700K processors will be able to safely maintain a voltage above the stated turbo max frequency of 4.5GHz; some will, some won’t. For the average consumer, the only way to find out is to try. However, experimentation frequently comes with consequences, which could easily compromise your workflow. With that in mind, BOXX has gone ahead and fixed that lottery for you.

Take our APEXX S3. Thanks to our seasoned engineers, rigorous stability testing, and liquid cooling, we guarantee speeds up to 4.8GHz (across all six cores) for every single S3 we sell. Even better, our engineers work closely with elite motherboard vendors to design a custom BIOS that streamlines our run-in process and ensures continued stability

In light of all this (and in celebration of the 40th anniversary of their famous 8086 microprocessor), our strategic partners at Intel have provided us with a finite amount of Intel Core i7-8086K Limited Edition Processors, their fastest chip ever. So of course, our BOXXLabs engineers went one step further and professionally overclocked these processors to 5.0GHz. Now we offer them in our new APEXX Special Edition workstation. Available for a limited time only (or while supplies last, as the marketers, are prone to say) APEXX SE reaches 5.0GHz across all six of its cores, making it ideal for CAD, 3D modeling, animation, and a host of other professional applications.

Winning the lottery has never been easier.