TBS Engineering & BOXX

TBS is the industry leader in lead-acid battery assembly and plate manufacturing equipment worldwide. Inspired by their core values, their employees are totally committed to delivering unrivaled state of the art machinery and service to their customers, giving them a distinct competitive advantage. We spoke to Rob Trigg, a Design Engineer at TBS Engineering to find out how BOXX workstations have helped them:

Q: What software do you currently use?

ROB: Solidworks Professional 2017 & PDM.


Q: What was your previous hardware? What problems were you finding with that system?

ROB: Dell 16 Core system, which was very slow opening large assembly models, and Solidworks would crash regularly.

Q: How has you workflow improved since using BOXX workstations and Rendering machines?

ROB: Faster loading times, and less crashing.


Q: How would you describe BOXX customer service? Why?

ROB: Very helpful. Ryan Pearton performed several bench tests using models we supplied to determine which Boxx configuration was right for our use case, with timings for opening assemblies/drawings. This enabled us to present the tangible improvement possible if we switched to your CAD specific systems.

Q: Will you be buying BOXX in the future?

ROB: Not my decision, but I would certainly recommend we do.

Q: Do you have any other comments?

ROB: System is quiet, generally much faster than our previous solution, and mostly very stable.


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