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The Power & Performance of a Desktop

in a rack-mounted data Centre platform


Collective consciousness - Peak performance across multiple desktop workstations. Unify your organisation where ever they may be with FLEXX – our data centre platform. Accelerate your workflows both onsite and remotely, manage creative content, team projects and so much more. FLEXX can synchronously support multiple compute nodes, delivering peak application performance for designers, architects, engineers, artist, in fact all professional content creators. Multi-node, data centre ready systems ready for action, capable of establishing virtual workstations in minutes, meaning that your crew can stay productive, where ever they may be. Ensuring your organisation has flexibility and productivity ensured. FLEXX delivers performance and power only previously available from a desktop workstation in a rack-mounted, high-density form factor.
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The future is FLEXX

Is accessible from all connected devices, is available in many sizes, nodes are measured in VUs (vertical units). The Flexx chassis can support up to ten 1VU nodes or five 2VU nodes and these are interchangeable. Flexx nodes can be installed or removed without disrupting the workflow of neighbouring nodes. The Flexx chassis uses a backpane which power shares between nodes, unlike common blade server systems which share their backpane with networking.