S R Partners

SR is a visual design consultancy based in Newbury. They are committed to producing unique and hardware bending work for their clients who are bringing the future forward to today. We spoke to Simon Jones, a Director at SR Partners to find out his thoughts on BOXX workstations:

Q: What software do you currently use?

SIMON: We currently use the Adobe CC, Cinema 4D, Octane Renderer, Arnold, XParticles, Houdini, Realflow along with other bits and pieces. 90% of our work however is completed in Cinema4D and After Effects I would say.

Q: What was your previous hardware? What problems were you finding with that system?

SIMON: We had been running on MAC for many years but with the push of the industry towards GPU rendering and ultimately needing Nvidia GPUs we wanted to make the move to BOXX for the scalability, reliability and affordability factor.

Q: How has your workflow improved since using BOXX workstations and Rendering machines?

SIMON: We are currently running 2 x APEXX 4 and a RenderPro for CPU-heavy work. The move from CPU to GPU rendering has been a game-changer for us. It allows almost instantaneous feedback and the BOXX machines have smoothed the move from a fairly comfortable place in the MAC to what was a bit of a daunting unknown in the PC.

Q: How would you describe BOXX customer service? Why?

SIMON: I have been working closely with Centerprise who have been fantastic. I get very fast responses to enquiries of all sorts some not even relevant to what they do as a business such as network issues, software enquiries etc. I went to meet Ryan and the team in Basingstoke a little while back and held my hands up as not really knowing what the inside of a computer looks like and we have been guided through the process and pointed in the right direction on products since then.

Q: Will you be buying BOXX in the future?

SIMON: Yes, we will be looking to increase our number of workstations going forward and build a GPU render farm as well.