Manufacturing and Product Design (MPD)

Being first to market with precise product models requires knowledge, skill, professional software applications, and a state-of-the-art computer hardware, so accelerate your workflow with BOXX CAD CAM workstations purpose-built for MPD.

BOXX MPD Software Solutions

Intricacy in product planning and development is now industry standard as engineers and product designers use leading-edge software to push the boundaries of 3D CAD. From aerospace and automotive design teams, to our own engineers (who design the chassis using SOLIDWORKS), CAD workflows often involve a unique combination of CAD and creative software, as well as rendering and simulation packages. One size does not fit all, so whether you’re building mechanical 3D models, rendering incredibly realistic designs, simulating product performance, or constructing complex devices, maximizing your 3D CAD toolset requires professional-grade BOXX APEXX CAD CAM workstations and PLM software workstations custom-configured for your MPD workflow.