Autodesk Maya® is a complex application with specific workflows. At BOXX, we know that in many cases, there isn't a one size fits all solution to your hardware needs. The tasks you perform the most will influence your ideal hardware configuration, and BOXX can create the ideal Maya workstation to suit your workflow.

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This is a single-threaded task within Maya. Unlike rendering, which is highly multi-threaded, the process of building up your meshes, extruding polygons and manipulating vertices only uses one CPU core. If you primarily use 3ds Max for modeling, then don’t waste money on a dual CPU Maya workstation with dozens of CPU cores – because those extra CPU cores won’t help you.

A Maya workstation with a high frequency CPU will benefit your 3D modeling workflow. Safely overclocked BOXX APEXX workstations are a great choice for this type of workflow.

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3D animation has many similarities to a 3D modeling centric workflow. They are both single-threaded tasks. Multiple CPU cores will be of little help if this is your primary task.

We call these types of tasks frequency bound because performance is tied to the frequency of the CPU. Maya computers with higher CPU clock speeds perform better at these tasks. Single socket APEXX 2 and APEXX 4 workstations are great choices for this workflow.

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Unlike 3D modeling and animation tasks, rendering your 3D assets with Maya is a highly multi-threaded process. The more CPU cores you have in your Maya workstation, the better.

Offload Your Rendering! Rendering is a computationally intense task that should be offloaded. The purpose of an effective Maya workstation is to work and remain productive. Productivity comes to a halt when you tie up your Maya workstation with rendering final frame animation sequences. BOXX offers unique, dedicated desk-side rendering solutions like the renderPRO as well as a complete turnkey render farm. If you rely on GPU rendering our APEXX 4 supports up to 4 full size GPUs and the APEXX 5 supports up to 5 GPUs.

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