Is your 3D Production pipeline bottlenecked?

Technological improvements in 3D software toolsets and computer hardware continue to enhance and advance the abilities of digital artists to create stunning images. Unfortunately, final rendering, which must be applied before 3D and visual effects elements can be seen in their full glory, remains a time-consuming and often daunting task. Many studios are ill-equipped to adequately address the rigorous technical requirements necessary to complete this final rendering stage.

YOUR TEAM OF ARTISTS IS UNABLE TO DELIVER THE REQUIRED QUALITY AND/OR QUANTITY WITHIN A SPECIFIC TIME FRAME Though digital artists do the best work possible with the resources at hand, even the most seasoned team or individual can struggle to keep up with project timelines and deliverables. When timelines become unmanageable, a substitution of quality for quantity is often one of the unfortunate workarounds—and adding more artists isn’t always the best solution. Unfortunately, many management teams simply aren’t aware of how much their artists’ ability to generate a quality final product can be hampered by inadequate or underpowered tools and technologies.

MISSED DEADLINES, LOST BIDS, FRUSTRATED ARTISTS, DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS, AND MORE Inevitably, growing animation and design visualization studios begin to demonstrate signs of distress as the workload promised to customers approaches or exceeds in-house capacity. If not adequately addressed, this lack of capacity will begin to impact the studio in a number of undesirable ways—all of which are incompatible with company growth.

YOUR 3D RENDERING PIPELINE IS MOST LIKELY BOTTLENECKED There are many possible causes for bottlenecks in the pipeline, yet none of these affect the productivity of your studio as much as an inadequate capacity for rendering test shots and final images. Homegrown approaches to rendering, from relying upon your artists’ own workstations to use of an adhoc render farm to accomplish the task, can fail to provide the essential capacity, flexibility, and reliability necessary to accommodate your studio’s workload.


Boxx offers a range of rendering solutions including RenderPro 2 and RenderBOXX. Click the images to learn more.

Better Productivity through Improved Studio Efficiency A dedicated in-house rendering system increases the volume of finished work that can be delivered to customers. Dedicated render farms free your artists from unproductive hours or required overtime—a direct result of waiting for creations to render. When creative pipelines run smoothly and efficiently, deadlines become easier to meet, stress levels decrease, and your creative staff can enjoy normal working hours in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Increased Profitability Adding rendering capacity increases the ability of your company to keep pace with growing demand as your artists produce more work within a shorter period of time. Paying your artists to design, instead of paying them to wait for their work to render, maximizes the productivity of your existing human resources. As your business grows, you’ll be able to bid on more projects and larger projects, confident that your dedicated render farm will be instrumental in helping your creative teams deliver the promised product.

Improved Quality

By employing a dedicated renderBOXX or renderPRO, your studio workstations will no longer be tied up with rendering. Instead, they can be put back into service for the creation of projects. Allowing your artists more freedom to create, experiment, and refine their designs will result in more creative flexibility and higher-quality work.

Increased Customer Satisfaction When your creative team can deliver more options, produce better quality imagery, and provide faster turn-around times, the result is increased customer satisfaction which will, in turn, lead to repeat business and increased industry recognition.

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