Virtual reality isn't just for video games anymore. In fact, VR has multiple uses in architecture, engineering, and construction, and as the technology becomes more widely available, professionals are learning just how impactful VR experiences can be.



Although virtual reality has been around for some time, what's changed for AEC professionals is the availability and refinement of the technology. For example, headset makers like Facebook-owned Oculus and HTC have developed consumer-friendly apparatuses that, while still costly, have opened up a new world of VR capabilities, while other key developments offer significant meaning for those in architecture, engineering, and construction.


The role of VR in AEC is now plain to see, whether it's using headsets to immerse stakeholders in a presentation, or to gain a further appreciation for the details and specifics of a particular model in process. Best of all for AEC projects, there's continued room for growth in VR's usability and versatility. In order to get ahead of the curve, users need a VR workstation that can harness the raw power of the technology.

AEC professionals can get the best of both worlds with a BOXX VR workstation like the APEXX S3. Professionally overclocked to 4.8 GHz, APEXX S3 can support up to three GPUs and 64GB of memory.

VR & CAD Design

Suggested System

The APEXX S-class hosts our most popular configurations for CAD design and 3D modeling applications. With support for three professional GPUs and the world's fastest processors, APEXX S3 is the ideal platform to accelerate your creative workflow.

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