Government, Education, and More

For organizations and industries outside the standard AEC, MPD, and M&E computer workstation profile, BOXX maximizes productivity and provides substantial ROI for all types of engineering, GFX, scientific research, virtual reality, and more

BOXX Government / Medical / Education / Other Software Solutions

Multiple industries require professional grade workstations to run a variety of compute intensive applications. From universities and medical science laboratories, to government entities, defense contractors, and energy companies, these organizations often rely on many of the same 3D software applications as the typical workstation user. On the other hand, their workflow may be more demanding and consist of highly-customized software, simulations, extremely large data sets, or other unique features. Regardless of your industry, a BOXX APEXX workstation, purpose-built for your specific workload, will optimize application performance, accelerate your workflow, and provide your organization with genuine ROI.