Octane Render by otoy is one of the first render engines developed strictly for GPU rendering. With a multitude of plug-ins for popular 3D authoring applications like 3ds Max and Adobe AfterEffects, now is a great time to dive into GPU rendering with Octane Render.

Octane is a very fast GPU accelerated rendering engine integrated into several popular 3D modeling and animation application. Octane can be used for real time look development and scene refinement as well as final frame rendering. If your pipeline dictates rendering on your production workstation, multi-GPU overclocked APEXX workstations are the ideal solution.

Suggested Systems


Suggested Systems

Rendering performance scales very well as you add more GPUs. BOXX workstations can support up to 5 GPUs ideal for deskside GPU rendering. We also carry a variety of rack mounted GPU dense servers that can be used for final frame network rendering.


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