BOXX Cloud Services (BCS) cloud-hosted workstations deliver robust performance for the most demanding applications and workflows. Powered by overclocked BOXX workstations, BCS frees users from their desktops, enabling work-from-home, remote office, and flexible working.

Can 1-to-1 Remote Workstations Provide the Same Performance as Local Machines?

“Herrera on Hardware: Are you concerned about latency with a remote computing solution? You’ll want to evaluate whether response time and image quality meet your expectations or are noticeable enough to be an issue.”


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Powered by Overclocked BOXX Premium Workstations

BOXX Cloud Services provides dedicated (non-virtualized) workstations in a highly-scalable and secure data center. BOXX Cloud Services also delivers the highest cloud performance for CAD applications like Autodesk Revit and SOLIDWORKS.


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What is BOXX Cloud Services


High performance virtual private cloud for workstation applications powered by professionally overclocked BOXX workstations.


A pay-as-you-go model of dedicated, non-virtualized workstations in a highly-scalable and secure data centre.


BCS enables your enterprise to extend your data center without the complexities and upfront cost of building an on-premises private cloud or the performance risks of virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Why BCS is Better


Windows desktop operating systems eliminate application compatibility issues, as well as the burden of adding support risks with your workflow.

Focused cloud running on hardware purpose-built for CAD, as opposed to repurposed, virtualized hardware never optimized for these specific applications.

Desktop-level performance not available from traditional workstation as a service providers which focus on more cores instead of core performance.


BOXX Cloud Services Provides

  • Unparalleled performance for workstation applications

  • Dedicated, non-virtualized access

  • High performance remote access with PCoIP® Technology

  • Connectivity to your existing on-premise or cloud hosted storage solutions such as Panzura or BIM 360


  • Unparalleled performance from professionally overclocked BOXX workstations

  • Seamless connectivity from any device, including less capable desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, etc.

  • Faster access to cloud data from your remote workstation due to high speed interconnects between remote workstation and data

  • Complete control of your data for security, backup, and disaster recovery, as well as the flexibility to move your data to any platform


  • High performance cloud workstations that are a user experience boost from traditional cloud hosted environments

  • Supports corporate network and work-at-home or work remote users

  • PCoIP® Remote Graphics Protocol deliver high performance, even for the most demanding users on wired, wireless or 4G LTE/5G remote connections

  • Professional, dedicated NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™GPUs with support for RTX ray tracing and CUDA®

An Unmatched Secure User Experience


With BOXX Cloud Services, you don't just get the ultimate in workstation as a service performance, you also get a user experience that is as good as a desk-side workstation. Hosted from regional datacenters to provide the lowest latency possible, BOXX Cloud Services also utilizes PCoIP® Technology from Teradici Corporation to not only deliver a high performance remote graphics experience, but also supports peripherals like spatial controllers or input tablets used in your workflow.


PCoIP® technology delivers a secure, high-definition and highly responsive computing experience essential for end-users transitioning from physical local system to a cloud hosted workstation. PCoIP® remote graphics traffic is secured using AES 256 encryption, which meets the highest level of security. Because the PCoIP® protocol transfers only display information in the form of pixels, no client or project information ever leaves the datacenter.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction with BCS

BCS provides ultimate performance for your architecture and engineering (AEC) workflow with cloud-hosted, overclocked, AEC remote workstations purpose-built to optimize Autodesk applications like Revit® and AutoCAD®.

Manufacturing & Product Design with BCS

Delivering the ultimate performance for manufacturing and product design (MPD) applications like Dassault Systèmes® SOLIDWORKS™, BCS provides an unprecedented combination of overclocked workstation technology and the latest NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ GPUs to deliver workstation as a service without compromise. 

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