Henderson Green

Consulting Engineers

Henderson Green was formed in Jersey in 1979 and expanded into Guernsey in 2011, to become the largest and longest established Mechanical & Electrical Services consultancy in the Channel Islands. 


They provide specialist independent consultancy advice on all aspects of Energy, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services, covering every type of domestic, commercial, public sector and industrial developments from individual houses, to large infrastructure projects.We spoke to Andrew Cleave, a Director at Henderson Green to find out his thoughts on BOXX workstations:

Q: What software do you currently use?     

ANDREW: Predominantly AutoCAD, but also REVIT and a multitude of engineering calculation software, including CYMAP, Bentley HEVACOMP, DIALux and DIALux EVO Lighting Simulation software. RAYTrace software and FLIR Thermographic Tools.

Q: What was your previous hardware? What problems were you finding with that system?

ANDREW: Previous hardware was selected from a standard Dell solution from their online selction tools, these would regularly crash/hang when running AutoCAD and spent a long time rendering/calculating simulations. 

"AutoCAD no longer hangs and is a much more stable and reliable platform to work with [on BOXX workstations]"

Q: How has you workflow improved since using BOXX workstations and Rendering machines?

ANDREW: AutoCAD no longer hangs and is a much more stable and reliable platform to work with. We have also noticed an increase in speeds of rendering and simulation times. 

Q: How would you describe BOXX customer service? Why?

ANDREW: We have had great service from BOXX, couldn’t fault the service levels, all questions, queries and technical issues responded to in a swift and efficient manner.

Q: Will you be buying BOXX in the future?

ANDREW: All of our engineering staff are now operating on the BOXX platforms. We have no-one left to swap!

See examples of work created on BOXX workstations: