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25 Sep 2018

Recent trends in augmented reality (AR) have applications in marketing for businesses, but small- and medium-sized businesses may not realize that hiring a design team to develop an AR approach to marketing or securing a partnership within an already-built AR infrastructure is a real and useful possibility.


With Augmented Reality (AR), stories are being told, experiences are being had, and lives are being changed – all from behind a screen. AR consists of layering visuals and other di...

17 Sep 2018

Animated titles within media projects are almost a given, especially at the level of output that video production studios are expected to meet or exceed. It helps to have a few tricks stored away to generate impressive titles with minimal time and effort when client demands increase.

1. Minimalistic Title Animation
2. Corporate Title Animation
3. Title Animation That Follows Video Shots

4. 3D Corner Text Title Animation
5. Write on Title Animation. Perfect for Travel Videos.

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