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24 Jul 2018

Software licensing and pricing structures can be confusing, especially if you’ve never purchased corporate licenses or a subscription before. Twenty years ago, perpetual licenses were the only way to buy software. You bought your license up front, and you had the right to use it indefinitely. You may have paid for implementation services and a support contract, but you never had to pay any more to use the software.

As we entered the end of the 2000s, some corporate software began to be offered th...

10 Jul 2018

Unity Technologies has purchased ProCore, maker of popular modeling/level design tool ProBuilder and additional tools ProGrids and Polybrush. All this software is now available to Unity subscribers, including those with personal plans. You’ll find ProBuilder built into the Unity 2018.1, while Polybrush and ProGrids are available for free in the Unity Asset Store.

ProCore founders Gabriel Williams and Karl Henkel are joining the team at Unity and will help create additional functionality for the e...

6 Jul 2018

You may already know this, but in the PC enthusiast world, there is something known as “the silicon lottery.” This refers to the variable nature of overclocking Intel’s K-chip processors. Due to slight variations in the manufacturing process, there’s no guarantee that, for example, all 7700K processors will be able to safely maintain a voltage above the stated turbo max frequency of 4.5GHz; some will, some won’t. For the average consumer, the only way to find out is to try. However, experimentat...

3 Jul 2018

Deep Learning Requires Learning

From technology to manufacturing, from healthcare to insurance, discussions surrounding the impact of artificial intelligence on a host of industries continue to gather momentum.  At present, a significant amount of attention is focused on training accurate models (based on specific data sets) as quickly as possible. And because AI involves a complex matrix of operations and vast number of iterations, the performance of the computing platform is very critical—and w...

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