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29 Mar 2018

VR Headsets that Are Changing the Market

Virtual reality (VR) is the idea that you can explore new environments and play immersive games using the power of technology. It’s a concept that’s been theorized and dreamt about in science fiction for generations. And while virtual reality has been a nascent technology for decades, it hasn’t caught on in the past due to limited technology. However, in the last few years, VR technology has reached the point where we can support real-time motion tracking...

28 Mar 2018

Create an artistic result that best represents your design concept.

During the initial stages of a building project, your client wants to see how the design concept is progressing. Nothing new there. What is new is how you can present your concept for client feedback. You have a solid sketch on paper and created some models using SketchUp (or similar application) but now you need a concept rendering. Not a photorealistic final, just a solid representation of your design with enough style and deta...

26 Mar 2018

With an overclocked six core ‘Coffee Lake’ Core i7 CPU and a well engineered compact chassis, this is an impressive CAD workstation but it does come at a premium, writes Greg Corke.

When we started DEVELOP3D in 2008, almost all CAD workstations came with a quad core CPU. If you wanted more cores, say to cut render times, you needed a specialist CPU and deeper pockets. You also had to accept that performance in single threaded applications like CAD would fall, due to a drop in GHz.

Ten years later...

23 Mar 2018

Chaos Group has long had one of the leading rendering software pieces in the market, but it is poised in 2018 to take advantage of the ability of GPUs and CPUs to work in tandem to maximize one another’s potential.

V-Ray for Maya, which has been a part of major entertainment motion picture projects such as Stranger Things, Spider Man: Homecoming, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2, is receiving a hybrid rendering upgrade. For high-end video effects production, that means that GPUs and CPUs will not (t...

20 Mar 2018

SOLIDWORKS 2018 Introduces New Features for 3D Printing Industry

Dassault Systèmes’ latest update to their popular SOLIDWORKS software aims to streamline the transition from initial CAD design to 3D-printed final product. SOLIDWORKS 2018 introduces enhanced mesh geometry features to help engineers and additive manufacturers save time and simplify their workflows.

Previous versions of SOLIDWORKS also allowed users to import mesh geometry files. However, users would have to convert the files to surf...

7 Mar 2018

CINEMA 4D, the popular 3D modelling and animation application, offers a wide variety of features accommodating various workflows, meaning a one-size-fits all workstation configuration does not exist. With the help of lead 3D Modeller and Cinema 4D expert Shane Benson, we’ll look at the most common workflows so you can determine the right configuration for your C4D workflow. 

3D modelling within Cinema 4D is a singlethreaded task or frequency bound (meaning that it predomina...

7 Mar 2018

As you may know, virtually all professional software applications are hindered in some way by performance bottlenecks. From inadequate hardware and legacy software code to poor end user software practices, these bottlenecks manifest themselves in a variety of forms.

As a leading innovator of professional, high-performance desktop workstations, Boxx makes a concerted effort to address your workflow's software-specific bottlenecks related to computer hardware. In this article, we will outline key h...

5 Mar 2018

Technological improvements in 3D software toolsets and computer hardware continue to enhance and advance the abilities of digital artists to create stunning images. Unfortunately, final rendering, which must be applied before 3D and visual effects elements can be seen in their full glory, remains a time-consuming and often daunting task. Many studios are ill-equipped to adequately address the rigorous technical requirements necessary to complete this final rendering stage.


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