24 Jan 2020

Released back in 2009, Windows 7 was one of the most popular operating systems ever. In fact, it is still being used by nearly a third of businesses today. However, that number is likely going to drop dramatically in the coming weeks—or at least, it definitely should.

As of January 14, 2020, Microsoft officially ended support for Windows 7. What does this mean, exactly? It means no more software updates, security fixes, or technical support. In the interest of not mincing words, for anyone still...

5 Nov 2019

Why Liquid Cooling is So Cool

In the tech world, the general consensus used to be that if you weren’t planning to overclock your processor, there was no need to use liquid cooling. These days, particularly in recognition of AMD’s new Ryzen 3000 series, the benefits of liquid cooling the CPU have become much broader, and apply to anyone looking for the simplest way to get the most out of their system.

This is due in part to AMD’s new frequency boosting algorithms. Without getting too into the weed...

19 Aug 2019

To illustrate the benefits of a BOXX overclocked workstation, take a look at a representative SOLIDWORKS user and the daily tasks he performs which are restricted by the clock speed of his CPU. For this example, let's say this user is running SOLIDWORKS on an Intel® Core™ i7 running at 3.7GHz (4.6GHz Turbo). This user needs to rebuild a model six times daily, which requires ten minutes per rebuild. This represents one hour of "wait time" daily using the single 3.7GHz CPU. A professionally overcl...

9 May 2019

While the rate of increase of CPU frequency has plateaued over the last several years,1 overall performance of high-end GPUs continues to rise.2 Meanwhile, burgeoning industries like AI and Big Data are demanding better performance for unprecedented workloads. Thankfully, companies like NVIDIA have been pumping out faster and more efficient products to meet those needs, and BOXX has risen right along with them

However, with more power comes higher power consumption. For example, a single GeForce®...

5 Mar 2019

When to Consider a NVIDIA RTX Graphics Card

It’s widely held that being an early adopter of technology comes with incredible benefits. NVIDIA itself is a testament to the practice; they became a market leader by bringing state-of-the-art visualization and compute technology to market.

NVIDIA RTX GPUs, which provide the benefits of real-time ray tracing, are remarkable technology that you’ll likely want to harness as soon as possible.

So, when should you begin thinking about upgrading to an RTX grap...

23 Jan 2019

Architecture, engineering, & construction are nothing without fully realized designs created in our favorite architectural software programs. BOXX systems support tons of architectural software, and you can benefit from our purpose-built rendering solutions as 2019 unfolds with the following software.


AutoDesk AutoCAD has been a go-to for architectural & engineering projects since before the age of the internet and continues to be the standard of architectural CAD software in education and...

2 Jan 2019

It’s easy to understand why tracing each individual particle of light as it travels from a light source and bounces from object to object is unrealistic. But even in the world of rendering, in which we use calculations to approximate the behavior of light in a 3D scene instead of accounting for all available light, the demands on a computer to make light calculations for countless particles in a single image are enormous.

The same goes for working in motion graphics and video. Calculations needed...

BOXX Technologies continues to innovate high-performance computer workstations, rendering systems, and servers by equipping our workstations with the industry-leading NVIDIA Quadro RTX. The first Turing architecture-based GPU of its kind revolutionizes a new era for computer graphics professionals. This new architecture transforms the work of designers by giving them the ability to render photorealistic scenes in real time, advancing AI-based proficiency, and providing  fluid interaction pertain...

3 Dec 2018

As most engineers and product designers will attest, time to market schedules have become increasingly compressed. Twenty years ago, a product which may have had a schedule of two and a half years from initial design to final product, today may be as short as 15 months. As for the future, one can expect that cycle to be even further abbreviated. This is a difficult challenge to be sure, but it also presents opportunity.

Computer hardware and CAD software are becoming faster, so although competiti...

23 Oct 2018

 Technology has changed nearly everything about the way that people in society exist and function. From smart phones to the Internet, technology has transformed the world in just a few decades time. For architects, home builders and home designers, technology has taken a front seat in the experience of designing and building a structure. From start to finish, technology affects the way that architects design buildings and even the way that clients experience the design process. Technology can im...

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