Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

The ability to create detailed architectural, engineering, and construction models on a deadline is imperative to your firm’s success, so accelerate AEC software application performance with BOXX architect workstations and engineering workstations purpose-built for AEC.

BOXX Software Solutions for Architecture & Engineering

Software is critical to the day-to-day working life of any architecture, engineering, or construction professional. Whether being used to complete projects, serve clients, or achieve business objectives, the AEC community depends on a varied set of solutions to power productivity and success. This range of software spans design workflow applications to platforms used for project collaboration and documentation. CAD software enables AEC users to design detailed models, while other platforms are used to render those plans into textured 3D visuals, and yet more software tools exist along the continuum of project management that AEC professionals use for critical tasks and workflows. Diversity in software reflects the array of responsibilities and duties of AEC professionals. In order to be productive in modeling and responsive to stakeholders, AEC users need the latest, professional grade software — and they need architect workstations and engineering workstations capable of supporting these various, intensive applications.