Design and Modelling

When choosing your Solidworks workstation, selecting the number of processing cores is critical. Solidworks is a frequency bound application which means it predominately uses only one core. This means that the largest variable controlling performance is the frequency of that core. A workstation with less cores and a higher frequency is ideal. BOXX safely overclocks their workstations to 4.4GHz, delivering fast and efficient systems for Solidworks users

Recommended Systems

Rendering and Simulation

Rendering and simulation, unlike modelling and design tasks, are multi-threaded. This means they will take advantage of multiple CPU cores. Performance gains from adding more CPU cores to your simulation workstation start to level off after 10 cores. This means the ideal workstation for Solidworks simulation is an overclocked 8 or 10 core APEXX system. When rendering your Solidowkrs assemblies there are a number of options with different requirements. If using Solidworks Visualize, a standalone GPU accelerated rendering tool based on NVIDIA Iray, overclocked multi-GPU APEXX workstations are ideal. If you are integrating CPU based rendering tools such as Keyshot into your workflow, we recommend opting for dual Xeon solutions with many CPU cores.



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