Design and Modelling

Like many design and modelling applications, Revit is frequency bound meaning it predominately uses only one core. This means that selecting the number of processing cores in your Inventor workstation is critical. The frequency of the core determines performance more than any other variable so a workstation with less cores but a higher frequency is ideal. If your computer is not optimized for the single-threaded performance that Revit needs, you’re paying for cores you don’t need and won’t use. The safely overclocked BOXX workstations are ideal for a productive Revit computer workstation.

Recommended Systems

Local Rendering

Revit can make use of various CPU or GPU rendering engines so whether you’re using V-Ray and require CPU power, or Octane and need multiple GPUs, BOXX APEXX workstations have you covered. Using a BOXX workstation can help you create and manipulate 3D objects faster, finish on time and budget and be able to iterate faster.






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