rendering and simulation

Rendering & Simulation

renderPro, configuable to suit your VFX needs.

The renderPro

Configurable with up to two Intel XEON processors for a total of 44 cores (88 threads), the renderPRO is the most versatile rendering sidekick that enables you to render or simulate on the go without the cost or complexity of a render farm.

The renderPRO requires power and a network connection, that’s it. Once your renderPRO is connected to your network, use the included BOXXView software to discover and take control. From there, you can remotely install the software you use and get right to work. It really is that easy.

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The renderBOXX - a power-render machine which tears through rendering t break-neck speeds

The renderBOXX

renderBOXX is purpose-built to power render-intensive 3D graphics and animation workflows. Featuring dual Intel® Xeon® processors (up to 44 physical cores), a single renderBOXX is the ultimate cornerstone for your render farm. Ten modules fit into a 4U (7”x19”) space, while IPMI 2.0 technology featuring KVM over IP enables the industry’s most efficient and flexible management of your render farm network.

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renderFarm On Wheels, one of a kind mobile rendering unit. It packs in more rendering power than a typical render farm, and it's on wheels!

RenderFarm On Wheels

RenderFarm On Wheels is the ultimate turn-key renderfarm solution offering a complete hardware package. The unit includes rack mounted dual CPU render nodes in a mobile enclosure. ROW can be completely custom configured to meet your needs. To assist your ROW deployment, BOXX offers on-site studio setup, with unparalleled expertise and support to get your ROW up and rendering in no time. Available in a wide range of sizes and expandable to over 80 modules (2880 cores).

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