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Build your own APEXX1


Ultra compact, overclocked professional workstation with up to 18 CPU cores. Build your own APEXX1 now...

Build your own APEXX2


Max frequency single socket workstation for CAD and M&E. Configureable with up to 8 cores and 64GB memory.

Configure the 2401Configure the APEXX 2 online now

Configure the 3401Configure the APEXX 2 online now

Build your own APEXX4


Cost effective GPU dense workstation, configuarble with up to a massive 36 cores and 256GB memory. Build your own APEXX4 now...

Configure your APEXX 4 7402 online now, click here

Configure your APEXX 4 7902 online now, click here

Build your own APEXX5


Configurable with up to two Intel Xeon processors for a total of 36 cores (72 threads) and up to five GPUs, APEXX 5 is the world's most powerful workstation. Build your own APEXX5...

Configure your APEXX 5 8904 online now, click here

Configure your APEXX 5 8904R online now, click here
Build your own renderPRO2


Configurable with a single Intel XEON processor with up to 18 cores (36 threads), the renderPRO 1 is the world's smallest rendering sidekick.

Build your own renderPRO1


Configurable with up to two Intel XEON processors for a total of 28 cores (56 threads), this is the most versatile rendering solution that enables you to render or simulate on the go without the cost or complexity of a render farm.

Configure the renderPRO 2 now
Build your own renderBOXXBuild your own renderBOXX


Featuring dual Intel Xeon processors (up to 36 physical cores), a single renderBOXX is the ultimate cornerstone for your render farm. Build your own renderBOXX now...

configure yours online
Build your own renderFarm On Wheels


It's the ultimate turn-key renderfarm solution. The unit includes rack mounted dual CPU render nodes in a mobile enclosure. ROW can be completely custom configured to meet your needs...

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