3D Model Review and Design

3D model review and analysis, some of the most common Navisworks workslows, do not ebenfit from dozens of CPU cores. In most cases it is the frequency of the CPU that has the greatest influence on performance. Working with our Autodesk partners and Intel to unlock the built-in performance of their processors, BOXX designs our workstations around the limits of the software to create workstations ideal for Navisworks.

Recommended Systems


Creating photorealistic renderings of your project data in Navisworks is a highly multi-threaded process so will take advantage of all the CPU cores available in your system. It is important to consider how often you will utilize multi-threaded features such as rendering. If you rarely complete these tasks then an overclocked workstation may still be your best solution

Recommended Systems

Point Cloud

Navisworks is very well suited to handle point cloud data. When working with point cloud data, the more CPU cores in your system the more productive you will be. As with rendering, it is important to consider how often you work with point cloud data to make the best decision about which workstation is ideal for you and your workflow.


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