3D Modelling and Animation

Both 3D modelling and animating within Maya are single-threaded tasks. This means that the processes of extruding polygons, manipulating vertices and animating only use one CPU core. These types of task are frequency bound meaning performance is tied to the frequency of the CPU. If you primarily use Maya for modelling or animation, don’t waste time or money on a workstation with multiple CPU cores as these will not be utilised. A 3D modelling workstation with a single high frequency CPU will benefit your workflow. We recommend our safely overclocked APEXX 2 workstations along with our APEXX 4 systems.

Recommended Systems


Rendering 3D assets in Maya is a highly mutli-threaded process meaning the more CPU cores you have in your workstation the better. The ideal practice for rendering is to offload your rendering to a dedicated rendering solution. This will prevent your workstation becoming tied up with computationally intensive tasks and reducing your efficiency. BOXX offers unique desk-side rendering solutions such as the renderPro. If you rely on GPU rendering in your workflow, we recommend our APEXX 4 or APEXX 5 with space for a number of full size GPUS


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