3D Modelling

ArchiCAD background processing takes advantage of multiple CPU cores while accelerating tasks like generating section views on large complex models. BOXX recommends an overclocked workstation to accelerate 3D modelling and design. In order to get the best of both worlds when working with ArchiCAD, we recommend the APEXX 2 3403 featuring a safely overclocked 10 core CPU for a fast core speed and multiple cores.

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Rendering in ArchiCAD integrates Cinema 4D. As rendering is a computationally demanding process, whenever possible it should be offloaded to a dedicated rendering system. This prevents your workstation becoming tied up and valuable productivity being lost. If your workflow demands a lot of rendering, you should consider exporting your design files to 3D applications like Cinema 4D or 3DS Max which support network rendering.

Recommended Systems


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